5 reasons to create an alternative Airbnb guidebook

5 Reasons to Create An Alternative Airbnb Guidebook

As a host, having a great guidebook is becoming more and more indispensable, especially considering the recent public safety developments and newly grown desire for contactless human interactions. Travelers are steering away from being taken on an in-person home-tour by the host and quickly shown how to use everything inside the house. On top of […]

Insider Tips: Listing photos

Now that we’ve figured out Title, Cover photo and Profile picture, it’s time to look into the listing photos of your short rental. So far, your potential guests have seen a title and cover photo they like, then clicked to see more. Let’s close the deal with the tips below: Highlight the home’s best features Show […]

Insider Tips: Profile Picture

Your profile picture is key ingredient in your Airbnb’s success recipe Studies done by researchers at the Hebrew University show that personal photos of Airbnb hosts have a greater impact on decision to rent a place than reviews from former guests. “Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, the person is not the ‘selling product’ here. On Airbnb […]

Insider Tips: Cover Photo

What is your place’s best selling point? Every place has it’s special spot that’s unique to the property. It’s either that awesome view from the balcony or window, the garden or pool, or the cozy living room where the cat and the comfortable armchair look like they belong to each other. Besides the title of […]

Short rental title tips

Insider Tips: How to Make Your Property Title Stand Out

Imagine browsing through tens or hundreds of properties in the search for the right place for your trip. Besides the featured image, which we’ll discuss in a future post, the title is the most important aspect of a property at this stage. It needs to draw attention, communicate effectively and invoke a strong emotion. That […]

Professional BnB Turnover Services VS Doing It Yourself

When a person first advertises their property in any bnb site the first emotion you get is excitement and you feel hopeful. Booking start to happen and your calendar starts to fill up. At first you set everything beautiful for your guests. A few days pass and you walk into a mess and you are […]