What is your place’s best selling point? Every place has it’s special spot that’s unique to the property. It’s either that awesome view from the balcony or window, the garden or pool, or the cozy living room where the cat and the comfortable armchair look like they belong to each other.

Besides the title of your listing, which we covered in a previous article, the second equally important asset when being shown in search results is your Cover Photo. It needs to be eye-catchy, representative of your place and evoke emotion. We listed below what to look for when making the perfect cover photo for your rental:


  • Bright picture, no shadows or dark areas
  • High quality (ideally made by a professional)
  • Should be of the property. If it’s a view, make sure the view can be seen from your place. Don’t use stock images.
  • Photos taken with a wide-angle lens can help a space feel bigger